MicroPC Cases, Bags & Accessories!

Hey, and welcome to my favourite topic for any device - ACCESSORIES!

I will get things started by posting a cool 3.5" hard drive carry case that works great with the MicroPC…once you pull out the bottom liner. I may add a felt lining to prevent scratches.

Amazon link


EXCELLENT ELITE SPANKER Molle Tactical EDC Pouch: Amazon.com

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For those in search of a simple black Neoprene zipper case, this 6" gps model will fit snugly all around the MicroPC.

The 3 modes of my Micro PC!

I thought I would share some accessories I use with my MicroPC which allow it to be my main PC through the power of docks!

The first mode is the obvious one where you can just use your pocketable computer as an ultra portable beasty:

Next is only slightly more exciting, but extremely useful, the desk dock:

Finally the coolest mode, the Lapdock!:

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Anyone that has the ‘official’ MicroPC leater pouch?