List of Games that work well and settings used

Saints Row 3.
Plays at 1280 x 720 with dx9 set to low.
Frame rates are above 30 and very playable.

Ace Combat Assault Horizon Enhanced Edition
1280 x 720 no tweaks needed
Plays without stuttering. Fun arcade f-16 type game

Sim City 3000 (from GOG)
Use dgVoodoo 2

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Bioshock infinite, full screen, very low with shadows off, very playable and looks great.

Dirt 2 but must follow these directions:

Otherwise will not launch. Looks great and a lot of fun

Duke Nukem Forever. Must install all visual C++ libraries from 2005 to 2017 both x86 and x64. Works fine after that.Set to Vista compatibility.

Far cry 2 - high settings but medium shadows. Vista Compatibility. No other tweaks needed.

Kentucky Route Zero. Plays at even 1920x1080 without stuttering.

Night in the woods. 1280x720 works well without stuttering.

The Wolf Among us. Medium to high settings. Plays well. Looks great.

Roblox. Works well enough so kids are happy. Doesn’t look any different from a much higher spec PC.

Sims 4. Works even with multiple dlc. Must keep resolution at or below 1280x720.

Hitman Blood Money. High settings with shadows on low. Vista Compatibility. Works and looks great.

Fallout Las Vegas. Settings on high with shadows on low. Vista compatibility. Plays well at even 1280x720. Recommend slightly lower for heavy battle areas.

Alien vs Predator. High settings. Keep resolution at 1280x720 or ideally below. Very fun playing as the alien.

Sleeping dogs Original. Plays at 800x600. Works ok without stuttering at that resolution.

MURDERED: SOUL SUSPECT works but.must use compatibility with win 7 and add -dx9 to the shortcut or it will not load

Steamworld Heist

Works perfect out of the box. Good match for the MicroPC as it is turn based so a touchpad works great

Diablo The Hell 2 mod runs really good