Latest Official BIOS

  • MicroPC.BIOS4.15-EC4.07.rar - LOCKED - 2019-10-29 - AC power recovery + WOL (wake on LAN) support (SHA256: 845c20e7d24ffcab7917e21905a5a2eebdde5483e888506bd0aed71316637a07)
  • MicroPC.4.13.exe - LOCKED - 2019-07-04 - Windows throttling fixes (BETA) (SHA256: 65b95756f7791754d373a02488e5d86aec10957ffca1156e3d26423c9bdc6bc2)
  • MicroPC.4.12_4w.exe - LOCKED - 2019-07-02 - Windows throttling fixes (BETA) (SHA256: a800db7a5efcc3e0c5377aea7d9b7d6cc46a2bebfb041e3830fe42069d7b7ae2)
  • MicroPC.4.10.exe - UNLOCKED/ADVANCED - Official from GPD, but comes with a warning that CHANGING ADVANCED SETTINGS OFFERED IN THIS BIOS CAN POTENTIALLY BRICK A MICROPC AND GPD ACCEPTS NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR PROBLEMS ARISING FROM THE USE OF THIS BIOS (SHA256: e81a502affc075fba08cff52a63031e6e1b4add047634c780d455875ad715176)
  • 4.09 - LOCKED - Original BIOS shipped from GPD; official flash file not provided from GPD

Well, miraculously my MicroPC booted up (it was turned on with a screen that stayed black after upgrading the bios 2 days ago). I turned it on once more, still black screen, then after 20 minutes or so, the GPD logo appeared and it booted up.

Just a mistery.

But luckely the bios update worked after all and I now have the unlocked BIOS, which turned out to have some features disabled that needed to be enabled for proper usage. Like enabling the 4 cores, which also made the “Virtualization” option available and I also enabled Intel VT-d.

Performance in my VM is now many times faster. I need a 32-bit OS to run the old software that is used for my RS232 connection, the sole reason I bought the MicroPC.

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The BIOS versions listed here are not the newest ones, it seems. They are only the newest ones offered for download on the GPD page.

I think GPD should update their MicroPC downloads.

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@waitasecond - updated!

I’m using the 4.15 BIOS but there is no WOL option. How to activate it ?

Where are the newer bioses officially? How do you find these? The latest I can see is 4.13 and I’m wary of flashing from unofficial sources. Thanks

Hmm. No one? Are these forums dead?

I guess that answers that then